Thursday, February 21, 2008

Making your site mobile-ready.

There are several countries around the world where people access websites more frequently by mobile phone or pda, than they do by computer. If your site is not set up to look good on a mobile phone, you will probably lose a large potential market. Setting up a mobile-ready site is very easy to do and BrownInk Media can help get you there. Right now our introductory price is $1000 to set up a mobile -ready site, and includes links to 5 pages. A link to Paypal so that people can make payments through their phone will also help increase your sales. Contact us at for more information .

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Friday, December 15, 2006

Cost is always a factor when trying to build a home-based business on a shoe string budget. Here are some ways to do it. 1. Business Cards. You will need to get some to hand out to all your potential clients. You can get them free (or at minimal cost) at Vista Print ( They also offer brochures and other marketing tools at a great price.

2. Set up a free Flash Website at Flash Builder ( A great way to build a professional looking website and set up your presence on the Internet. Bravenet ( also has free webhosting and will provide good templates for your website.
3.Need money? Here are some places to get grants or loans. Count-me-In ( loans starting in the hundreds and go up to $5000 for the first loan. Once you pay it off, they can give you another loan. The second limit is $10,000. Webmomz ( a $500 grant. The best idea wins and the winner gets the money in April 2006. Women's Net ( Grants are here for between $500 and $1000. Business Idea Cafe( This site has several grants available. Digital Women( Go to the grants and loans links. They have some good ones here.

4. Set up a blog at ( has a great free one that looks very professional. This will enable you to establish a relationship with your clients and provide time-essential information.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Need a website? BrownInk Media offers a 3-5 page website with no Flash elements for $450. The price is unbeatable and the quality excellent. These pages are good for companies that are looking to create a professional presence on the Internet and sell or market their products and services internationally. In this day and age most people do their shopping online and are more likely to purchase from a company that allows them to browse their store during non-business hours.

Contact us and let us know that you read the blog and we will give you a 10% discount.
BrownInk Media has added two new positions to its roster. We now have a President of Graphics and Design, Mr. Michael Simiyu, and a President of Television and Video Media, Mr. Fred Musindi. Both of them come with years of combined experience in web design, television and video production, and film and documentary production. Mr. Simiyu also owns a Radio Station, Mtaa FM, that promotes African music around the world and is featured on ITunes. Mr. Musindi is actively involved in several video projects and is working on a historical documentary for televison.

With the addition of these two new positions, BrownInk Media is poised to be the premier address for small and home-based businesses looking for a multi-faceted approach to their advertising and marketing needs.

Welcome to BrownInk Media, Michael and Fred!
BrownInk Media is expanding its services. We have now added television ad and video production to our list of services. Fred Musindi, our President of Television and Video Media, brings years of experience in documentary, music video, television broadcast, and television ad production. We look forward to expanding opportunities for small and home-based businesses to enable them to compete against large corporations effectively.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

As a small or home-based business it is imperative to maximize every dollar. Here are a few ways to get your name recognized without going bankrupt.

Flashbuilder Build a free flash website with free webhosting. Great templates and more.

Zoomshare This site allows you to set up a web presence without annoying pop-up ads. You can set up a chat room and more.

Creating a blog (weblog) is a wonderful way to get the feedback from your current and potential clients. Blogger is a great free blog with many professional looking templates. USA, LLC 120x60_FS_LargestFurnitureEvent_05